This time of year brings so much joy to my days…. just knowing that the temperatures are increasing daily along side the daylight hours makes the anticipation of the vegetable growing season so much closer to us.  I can honestly say it was never an unacclaimed dream of mine to be someone who grows their own fruit and vegetables yearly but happily so that is what i have become.

Gardening is a very therapeutic activity (and slightly back braking too) and for me, it fulfills my spring and summer days with sheer enjoyment. Simply watching the very seeds you sow over time grow miraculously into seedlings and plants and then fruit and vegetables is a wonderous marvel i will never take for granted. It feeds my soul to be apart of Mother Nature in this manner.

I didn’t have vegetable growing parents although they both made sure we were always surrounded by nature in our homes and activités with them during my childhood. However, my Granddad from  my mother’s side (who died when i was wee las) had his own allotment and grew the majority of the families food supplies… i believe it was during the times of “victory Gardens” after the World War II. He is the only ‘Green Fingers’ connection i have in my family roots to my knowledge.


Although i take great pleasure in creating our yearly vegetable gardens, i am without a doubt still very much so a Novice in this gardening melarky. I learn from mistakes and each year brings new methods/ideas/tips and experiences all of which  are in abundance on line and from books and magazines so i feel i progress slightly with each season.

Having said that, i wanted to share with you a little ‘ bio-degradable’ seeding hack i have used which works pretty well. Seeing that we eat our Fresh Chicken and Duck eggs daily, i simply keep some of the shells for potting as you can see above. I also keep the rest of the egg shells and dry them, then crush them and half are fed back to the Hens and Ducks for protein and calcium and the other half i mix in with our used coffee grains which provides a superb soil fertiliser.

This coffee and eggshell mix is wonderful for deterring blossom end rot and diseases on tomatoes…These issues arise due to the soil lacking in calcium and can’t absorb water as well. I tried this mix out las year and had 100 % success rate with all of my 125 tomato plants in comparison to the disasterous Year before when i didn’t know about this handy tip. P.S. banana rinds are great for this too.


I have already decided what i want to sow and plant this season and set out the packets ready for  sowing…. I never expect all the seeds to germinate and grow so i am always over zealous with planting seeds at this stage…. we’ll soon see what survives won’t we…. part of the fun in my books.


Whilst i was at it, i also planted out some herbs into my little ‘Herb Corner’ just outside the green house/seating area…. i love using fresh herbs daily in my cooking and even during the winter i keep an ‘indoor’ herb garden going for this very purpose…. i plan on having a fair few ‘herb corners’ in the garden this summer and this was the first to be planted so far….


Herbs are an easy way to start off home veg gardens and can be adaptable to city gardens or even window seal gardens…. If you are into cooking then I’m sure you have already ventured into home grown herbs already….but if you haven’t, i highly recommend starting….it is so rewarding and fulfilling to incorporate your very own freshly grown herbs into your food regime. Have fun with it.!!!


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