Bonjour, We (Lolo my hubster and myself Lorna) are in the midst of setting up our ‘Mini Homestead’ in some magnificent French Mountains. We share our land with 2 wonderful Border collies (Hypso & JangaJu), 3 Hens, 3 Ducks and our newest fury addition…. Chloe the kitten.

We live on our land whilst renovating our future Cabin little by little. It is just us, no extra help so the struggle is real sometimes but it is a learning curve we are loving and embracing it allΒ with each little step and accomplishment.

As well as building our home…. we also live off our home grown fruits and vegetables year round and fresh eggs and our Fresh Water Spring of which we are forever grateful for.

This blog is a collection of all that is entailed in living on a homestead and my translation of living La Good Vie…. be it gardening, journaling, cooking, life with chickens and ducks, my plant based lifestyle or our vegetable gardens…This is just a memoir of our journey and all our adventures along the way….feel free to join us on this blog journal of ours.