img_3578 During the winter months, the vegetable gardens can sometimes look a little sad and down beaten, but nonetheless miraculously Mother Nature is a wonderous force and from time to time, we get to harvest a few veggie goodies for our dinner….


Even Chloe was intrigued by the latest pickings it seemed as you can see above. It may seem like slim pickings, but seeing as it’s just the two of us, this will do nicely…. Also, each year when i plant my wintering vegetables, i Never presume that they will actually survive the winter months let alone grow enough to be harvested and enjoyed, so this bundle of goodness warms my heart no end.  Forever grateful.


Winter also brings in time for reflection and analysis for myself and our systems of progress and advancement here on our homestead….. it also helps to have morning sunrise views like thus above…. I see the sunrise every morning during the winter whilst letting the ducks and chickens out for them to start their day…. this is the real deal, no filter needed… i quietly reflect, give thanks and salute the sun rising so eloquently then i too go about starting my day.


For those of you that may not know…. I am a planner and i journal daily. I am an avid believer that by doing so my efficiency on the homestead is increased ten fold….not forgetting the therapeutic affects as well (there’s just something so so satisfying when you get to tick off the tasks on your ‘to do ‘ list at the end of the day.)

The winter months allow more time for us to plan out and set our yearly progress goals for the homestead… to take time out occasionally (and be in the warmth of the indoors) always fills me with contentment and knowing i have focus on ideas and inspirations for the future months and seasons gives me a peace of mind too.


….. See…even the Chickidees take time out to reflect when the weather is blurghh.