It is quite hard to believe we are in March already as it seems January and February simply flew by. Having said that though, i can honestly say i am enormously delighted to see that Spring is appearing in parts of the garden and, fear of sounding a little out there….. i even ‘Feel’spring is in the air.


Blossoms are determinedly growing on the fruit trees and despite the harsh gale force winds we are having at the moment… they are strong and persistantly ‘hanging on in there’ so to speak.

Flowers are popping up scattering the odd snippet of beauty and splendour around the dull, muddy , lacklustre garden. It all brings a smile to my face as i walk the dogs (and Chloe the kitten of whom follows us everywhere too) around our land.

My father always told me ‘February will always be the hardest month of the year…. no matter what your occupation or lifestyle…. you will always experience a level of February Blues’. How right he was – I miss him dearly and i still can’t believe that it is already 5 years since his passing – he was a very wise man and he ignited my love of nature from a very young age. I know in my heart of hearts that he would’ve simply adored our Homestead and equally so our lifestyle…. it is such a shame he never saw any of it.


With the (slightly) longer days and milder mornings and evenings…. it is wonderful to see Mother Nature waking everything up, slowly but surely …. Bulbs are producing vibrant and fragrant blooms for our pleasure and each day we are witnessing more and more insects coming out of hibernation and waking up for the season of growth and beauty.  I have even had the pleasure (and honor) to witness 3 differing flocks of birds flying in a V over head coming home from their migration destinations over winter…. Something wonderous that even Hypso sat next to me and stared up with intrigue at the huge long V  formation flying up high above us….


The arrival of any new season always portrays a level of hope, change and promise for the up and coming months …. but for me the most precious and inspiring change of seasons is this of winter into spring. It feels like the New Year in the world of nature. Our New Year is January….. Natures’s New Year is Spring.