Micro Greens


During the winter months it can be more difficult to obtain the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals in our foods than in the summer months where vibrant nutrient dense fruits and vegetables can be abundant to us. This of course is in occurance to eating seasonally.

However, we have been indulging,like many others, in this wonderful nutrient full food staple of Micro Greens. They are so simple to create ….lets face it…Mother Nature does all the hard work here….and can enhance any savoury meal time during the cold harsh winter months (and equally the warmer months too of course) and supply us with an abundant amount of minerals and vitamins all within these tiny little sprouts.

We tend to sprinkle a small handful over our meals, be it over our morning breakfast freshly laid eggs or over our lunch main meal hot or cold or even over our evening soup or salad and lighter meals.

Like i said, they really are very simple to produce…. and germination seeds themselves only cost a few Euros a packet at your local organic shop.  In the picture above you can see Alfalfa greens and sunflower greens starting to sprout. This picture made me chuckle due to the alfalfa greens being so forceful (and ready to be eaten) that they are pushing up the lid.

I recommend investing in one of these germer tray tubs (which only cost about 15 euros or so) as they make for growing micro greens extremely simple…. all you have to do is place your seeds in each layer tray, rinse with water daily and they do the rest…. obviously the more sunlight and warm environment they get the quicker they will produce. Now that the sunshine is making appearances more often, i tend to place the tray out in the sunlight during the daytime to help them along and that most definitely speeds the process up no end.

The moment we harvest these trays worth of micro greens and store in the refrigerator we start a fresh batch …. allowing us to have a continual supply for all our mealtimes.

Go ahead, give it a go… you’ll be pleasantly surprised and if you have children this is a great nature  activity you can do with them that show them all about nature and food growth etc.